Parents and Students,
We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break!  This was Mr. Montgomery's first time in 22 years to have the whole week at Thanksgiving!
This week we continue looking for solos and ensembles (for January25) as well as working on our Christmas concert music.  We'll also be turning our focus on advanced scales and pushing our ranges and technical abilities.  If you haven't practiced this week then today's the day! 
See below for a brief calendar update of what is yet to come this semester:
November 26 - Monday!  Butter Braid orders due! We originally said the 27th, but that was a mistake.  All orders have to be turned in to the Fundraising company by the 27 to get our orders in time, therefore all orders and monies need to be turned in on Monday.
December 6 - Elementary band tour - The Honor band and possibly all percussion will perform at two elementary schools.  Students will need to report to CSMS no later than 7:15 so we can be at our first stop Rock Prairie elementary in time.  We will take a lunch break at the mall  and finish up at Creekview Elementary.  We are hoping to play at another elementary in the morning, but if not will be looking for another performance opportunity to buy some time before lunch.
December 11 - Christmas Concert (CSHS) - 
6:30 - Cypress and CSMS beginer class.
7:00 - Symphonic band
7:30 - Honor band.
All student must have their concert uniform at this time (black pants, black shoes, black socks, and their tuxedo tennis shoes or blue jeans).
December 14 - Band Party at CSMS 6:00 - 9:00.  
$5 or free to those that sold at least five items in the butter braid fundraiser.
Tux shirts are almost all paid for.....lets finish up!
CONCERT UNIFORM - everyone needs black pants, black shoes, and black socks to go with their tux shirts.  Shoes need to be ALL BLACK dress shoes, not tennis shoes. (problems or concerns?  Please contact a director)
NO SECTION REHEARSALS THIS WEEK.  We still need to re-adjust the schedule for both groups as conflicts and schedules have changed - Everyone will have a section rehearsal to attend once a week
See everyone in the morning! 
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